King Kongin Debuts New Energy Drink Flavors: Peach Mango, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry and Candy

Medical professionals worldwide agree that the pathway to better health is by following a nutritious diet and maintaining an active lifestyle. For these reasons, Dr. Myra Dulac has dedicated her life’s mission to promoting positive health and an enriched quality of life for all.

“I love fitness. I love healthy living and helping people make the best choices for their health,” Dulac admits.

A retired medical professional and founder of several wellness clinics across the country, it is no wonder that she would stand behind an all-natural energy drink with no sugar, no carbs but full of flavor. As CEO and co-founder of King Kongin, LLC., this is just the latest chapter of her enduring dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

“We have a product that is healthy and delicious. It tastes like it has sugar in it without the sugar,” Dulac describes. “I focus on giving people the best product that I can give them. It’s better to drink something natural other than putting chemicals in your body. It’s like getting a fruit straight from the tree. It’s healthier for you.”

Born in the great state of Texas to a Colombian mom and European father, Dulac spent most of her childhood in Europe. She earned her degree in medicine from Baylor University and her MBA from Harvard University.

She then applied her formal education to the real world and opened a total of six wellness clinics across the country. An inspiration to Latin women everywhere, she is a visionary and innovator in health, anti-aging and fitness.

“I’m a motivation to women who may be afraid to start something new like a business. Sometimes it’s frightening to change careers and make a decision,” Dulac explains. “I’ve never been afraid to try something new and that new something is King Kongin…But I’ve been King Kongin before the drink.”

After helping thousands of people achieve goals of healthy bodies, she brings her experience, knowledge, and her keen sense of taste to formulate all-natural flavors found in KING KONGIN and QUEEN KONGIN Energy Drinks.

Full of Vitamins D3, B3, B6, B12, Biotin, natural collagen and natural caffeine from organic tea leaves, the all-natural, vegan energy drinks are free of wheat, gluten, dairy and lactose. The drinks also possess anti-aging benefits that may aid healthy hair, skin, and nails.

“You want something that’s healthy. You want something that’s delicious. “You want something that has a meaning behind it,” Dulac contends. “King Kongin is about motivation, not giving up and following your dreams whatever goes on in life. As long as you’re living, you don’t give up. It’s an amazing drink. It’s a good, healthy energy drink.”

The flavors in this amazing drink are peach mango, candy, peach mango and watermelon strawberry for KING KONGIN flavors, and the QUEEN KONGIN flavors are candy girl and

blue raspberry. Along with lip-smacking tastes, all flavors contain 0 sugar, 0 calories, 0 carbs and 0 artificial colors.

“Nobody is going to drink something that doesn’t taste good,” Dulac says.

Officially launching in April 2023, brand ambassadors for King Kongin are rap legend Snoop Dogg and music mogul/ business entrepreneur Percy “Master P” Miller.

“King Kongin a motivator and a motivator to be better every day,” says Dulac. “Because the all-natural ingredients in King Kongin help the body in so many ways, I know I’m going to make this company become really successful”.

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